Why do we choose the microfiber?

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Update time : 2021-08-16 13:29:00

The SHERO child surf poncho,on the basis of keeping warm and absorbing water,simple color matching, low-key and generous, with tassel embellishment, simple and fashionable.

We were using our regular "boring" poncho, and we realized they were too formal, not very comfortable, and monotonous! We wanted to bring to the market something that can be recognized from far away, a product that could make a difference and at the same time wrap you in a comfort zone of your own.


What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a kind of material with wrinkle resistance, wear resistance and fluffy and soft monofilament degree less than 1dtex.


Why do we prefer microfiber materials to pure cotton materials?

The microfiber fabrics are lighter and thinner than pure cotton. The fabric made of microfiber, after sand washing, sanding and other advanced surface, which is extremely bulky, soft and smooth.Although pure cotton has high water absorption, it is easy to shrink and harden. Relatively speaking, microfiber can well avoid this problem, which can not only preserve water absorption, but also take good care of it.


Moreover, its antibacterial property is also very good.



Product Name
Quick Dry Beach Towel Surf Poncho
Microfiber 260GSM (If you need Cotton Material, pls contact sales)
Dark Grey/Navy/Blue/Black/Red/Customized
Adults  110*75cm  Kids  70*72cm
QUICK-DRY, High Absorbent, Easy Wear, Machine Washable
PP bag inside, Carton box outside. And as client`s requirement.
LOGO Style
Embroidery LOGO
1.Without sleeves (the most popular style) 2.With short sleeves 3.Custom design
1. Without Pocket 2. Kangaroo Pocket( hot selling) 3.Custom design



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