The waterproof surf chang robe

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The best changing robe in 2022

Waterproof changing robes allow you to get changed into your sports gear or clean clothes anywhere, anytime while protecting you against the elements. They are often windproof, waterproof, and come with a lining meant to keep you warm and dry. 

You're asking about its advantages?

The biggest feature is cheaper than one with wool lining. As an added bonus though, you can fully detach the towel lining from the waterproof outer, meaning in the warmer months it can be used like a normal towel poncho.

And the details:

The Pockage

 Use the inner pocket keep your things dry.

Waterproof oxford cloth outside.

If you are in the market for a new change robe and are thinking about which one to go for, chances are you are already aware of how amazingly versatile a warm, waterproof changing robe is. Whether you're searching for something to throw on over wet kit to quickly warm up & get dry, or a little extra to shield you from the elements while sitting on the back of a boat, standing on the sidelines, or walking to the shower block, a good change robe is a like a comforting warm blanket; only a whole lot more practical!

Product Name
Waterproof Windproof Changing Robe
Microfiber 260GSM+Waterproof/Windproof Oxford Fabric
Green/Black/Blue/Red or Customized
Adults 110*80cm, Kids 80*60cm
Weight for 1 piece:

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