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Why You Need Surf Poncho!

Okay, so you may think you don’t need a surf poncho… and you’re probably right. But, I will say having one is SUPER convenient.

It is the peak season Throughout this post I’m going to try and convince you that you need a surf poncho and I want to start off by saying that yes, you can technically get by without one and use a towel but as a person who doesn’t have shame I have to say surf ponchos are the way to go.

Today's show is cotton surf poncho

Compare to a microfiber surf poncho, the 100% cotton surf poncho will be much softer and thicker.

The cotton, it's familiar to everyone

The cotton surf poncho has good water absorption. The outer layer of the robe is cut with velvet, which makes the fabric look shinier and feels very good, soft, and breathable. Its water absorption will not become worse with the use of time and times, the service life is still very long.

So, if it is a surf poncho, the cotton surf poncho always is the first choice.

Look at these Cotton surf ponchos from SHERO SURF, is it terry outside and looped inside.

Like Microfiber, it also has many colors to choose from. Let's see that picture. This is the most obvious explanation for the difference between the terry and looped.

It is paired with an embroidered logo.

Product Name
Quick Dry Beach Towel Surf Poncho
Material Cotton
Color Customized
Size Kids/Adults
Type Surf Poncho without Pocket and sleeves
PP bag inside, carton box outside. And as the client`s requirement.
LOGO Style
Embroidery logo, if you need a printing logo, pls contact sales.

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