Changing Robe

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Zipped Full Sleeve Changing Robe

Waterproof changing robes emerged on the scene some 10 years ago but there are now a plethora of different brands and designs available

The changing robe both have sizes for Adults and Kids, with waterproof oxford outside fabric and microfiber inside. The inner is made from a quick-drying towel material, soft on the skin, which also wicks moisture away. The robe also has a generous hood constructed from the same fabrics to prevent heat loss, a portion of the hood can be altered in size using the elasticated drawcords.

After swimming or surf, get out of the water, especially in the cold winter, but the waterproof outer fabric so far seems tough wearing and means that you can leave the robe on a nearby bank, dry with a dry towel before putting it on.

Its zipper is also waterproof, because of its oversize and waterproof fabric, it can better cover and wrap the body.

This product doesn’t just have to be about watersports either, it is ideal for use when camping if you need an extra layer of an evening, or for use before or after other sports events, particularly endurance when muscles need to cool down slowly. That towelling inner layer acts a little bit like fur does on animals, it captures pockets of air which are heated by your body and stay that way, providing an insulating layer between your body and the outside world. The hood is spacious without being a hindrance, perfect for snuggling into.

The changing robe is necessary in the water sport or other sport in the cold weather. It's better to avoid getting naked or cold in the process of changing clothes. 
I think that there is probably a use for this garment in most outdoor people’s lives.
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