Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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Update time : 2021-07-23 10:06:45
The SHERO waterproof dry bag backpack 30L is the perfect way to keep your belongings dry while paddling. Our new and innovative design has 30L of storage -- plenty of room for cameras, phones, snacks and extra layers. Although it cannot fit your inflatable paddle board or SUP paddle, it can fit nearly everything else you will bring on your standup paddle boarding adventure. If you'd like to take your valuables with you while paddle boarding so you can take photos of the adventure, this dry bag is perfect for you. It will keep your phone or camera completely dry while the bag is under the bungees of your Tower paddle board.

Keep Your Dry Clothes Dry

No matter your stand up paddle boarding experience level, everyone falls in the water from time to time. This waterproof dry bag backpack is designed to keep contents dry, even when you get wet. This way you can pack an extra pair of clothes, keep them in the waterproof dry bag just in case you happen to fall in the water.

Keep Your Wetsuit Confined

This waterproof dry bag is great for transporting your wetsuit to and from the beach. After a surf session you can take off your wetsuit and put it in this waterproof dry bag so that the wetsuit doesn't get anything else in your car wet. When you rinse out and dry your wetsuit, you can do the same with this bag! If you are surfing in a cold or rainy climate, you can keep a pair of clothes and a dry towel in the dry bag so that when you get out of the water you will have dry clothes to get into.

30L Dry Bag- The Perfect Amount of Storage

30L is the perfect size for everything from day trips to weekend adventures. Four adjustable side straps make it easy to attach iSup pump, yoga mats, or sleeping pads to the sides. A front zipper pocket is a great option for phones, wallets and other items that need easy access. We found that most dry bags on the market tend to be too small to fit everything you need to keep dry. At 35L this waterproof dry bag will be able to hold everything that you need to keep dry. Whether you have towels, clothes, or your valuable items, this dry bag can fit them all and ensure that they stay dry.

Dry Bag Built with High Quality Design and Materials

This bag was developed with durability in mind. The closed-cell foam on the back and shoulder pads was designed to not absorb water. Constructed with ultra strong PVC vinyl, this backpack is ready for any excursion. With an inflatable backpack and a waterproof dry bag backpack you will have everything you need to carry all your standup paddling gear with you. Don't be afraid to take this dry bag anywhere. We built it to be durable so that you can take it on any adventure. Whether you're camping, hiking, sailing, or paddle boarding this dry bag will keep all of your belongings safe. 
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