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First, let's have a routine process, What are the surfboard bike racks?

The answer:

As the name suggests, it is a tool used to transport surfboards.

It’s also the best way of traveling to your local surf spot without spending money on gas.

Do you live near your favorite surf spots, but it is too far to walk to the waves? Now the gasoline price is so expensive that is not cost-effective to transport by car.

It's also inconvenient and cumbersome to carry a surfboard by yourself.

Fortunately, there will always be surfboard bike racks so that you can quickly move from your house to the beach without wasting money and polluting the atmosphere.

Many times, good waves are within a long walking distance. But bicycles are fast and will warm up your legs before hitting the line-up.

The surfboard bike rack is suitable for most models. Such as Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, BMX Bikes, and any other models. 

There have three styles of racks, one of them is the Bike Rack.  It is suitable for most types of bicycles.

The next one is the Scooter Rack, it also suitable for most scooters.

The end is Longboard racks, it is suitable for large boards,  and it has a quick-release buckle.

Using a side-mounted although will make your bike get a bit wider, you won't face safety issues, and wind won't prevent you from speeding up.

Product Name
Surfboard Bicycle Rack
Aluminum + EPE
Loading Capacity
Carry a surfboard by bike
Package Size
6 sets/carton, carton size 42 * 22 * 7.5 cm
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