Paddle Board/Kayak/Surfboard Cover

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Update time : 2021-07-24 09:06:08
This ultra-stretch topless paddle board cover is made to protect your board from damage due to sun exposure. It's never a good idea to keep your board in direct sunlight due to the sun's harmful UV rays. The cover is a blend of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex so that it is easy to fit over the nose and tail of your board and strong enough to keep your board cool in the sun. Our stand up paddle board cover is a no-hassle alternative to bulky board bags at a fraction of the cost.
This Small paddle board cover fits boards 9'6"-12' and goes on in seconds. Use while the board is in transit (won't blow off board) or right out of the water. The SUP Board Cover will fit any shape board as long as it is within the 9'6"-12' range. If you own an inflatable paddle board or an classic stand up paddle board, this paddle board cover will help keep your SUP protected from the sun. 

If your paddle board sits in the hot sun for too long it can potentially start to delaminate. The causes the top layer of your board to slowly peel off. Because of this we recommend keeping your paddle board out of the sun when your are storing it. Another downside of an inflatable SUP being in the sun too long is that the colors can slowly fade away. For example, if you own our womens paddle board which is a bright turquoise color, that color can slowly turn lighter and lighter as the sun wears on it. This is especially true if your live in hotter climates like Florida where the sun is stronger. 
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