The birth and subsequent story of the surf leash

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What is a surf leash?

There is no doubt that a surf leash is a rope that connects the surfer to the surfboard.

The leg rope allows surfers to avoid trying to recover their boards after falling into the water and getting in trouble if their boards fall on other surfers or tourists onshore. It also helps them survive big-wave days.

The history of the surf leash.

The Invention was devised in 1971, by Pat O'Neill, the son of the creator of wetsuits, Jack O'Neill; at that time, it was a rope to tie the board to the surfer's ankle to avoid the discomfort caused by the loss of the board due to a wave or a possible accident caused by a lost board.

Since that time, leashes have evolved a lot; today they are made of highly resistant materials, they offer greater safety and there is a suitable invention for each surfboard.

The choice of surf leash.

The unit of length of the footrope is feet. The footrope can be similar to the length of the board, such as a 9 '6 surfboard, or a 9' rope is optional.

The use of a surf leash.

1. Wear on the back foot, comfortable tightness, not loose rotation, rope head against the ankle outside

2. As for the problem of tying the rope around the foot, arrange the rope before each use to avoid excessive twisting. Tie one side and fix it, and then shake it several times to make the rope reset.

3. When waiting for waves, check regularly that the rope has not shifted and tidy up, so as not to miss good waves.

4. The metal components of the footrope should be washed clean after use to avoid corrosion and dried in a cool and ventilated environment to avoid exposure to the sun.

Product Name
Surf Leash
TPU+Polyurethane+Stainless steel
Cord Length
Cord Thickness
7mm or customized
Cord Material
China Mainland of China Taiwan TPU or Germany BASF
Cord Strength
No break-in our cord, even lengthen 4-times to its original length, no matter in which urethane.
Black/Red/Green/Blue/Pink/Yellow Or Customized
PAIHO tapes
Polypropylene webbing or High tenacity polyester safety webbing
Cuff sizes
Kids or adult size in ankle cuff, knee cuff, calf cuff, wrist cuff,
PVC label/Rubber/woven labels. Print on webbing/Velcro/ neoprene.
Silicone printing is possible.
Customized Paper Package

Hope everyone can have a good surfing experience.

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